General Questions

When is the Airdrop?

Currently, there's no publicly available information about tokenomics or airdrops. Stay tuned for official announcements.

Does Oriole Insights use AI to make predictions?

Oriole Insights provides a platform for users to make their predictions, utilizing community predictions for market sentiment analysis without AI.

How does the reward distribution work?

Rewards are generated from the daily losers pool. This pool is distributed between winners based on their prediction cost in ORI and reputation. A higher Reputation and Daily Prediction Cost increases your Profit Share from the losers pool. See more here

How does Oriole Insights Fear and Greed Index work?

This index measures market sentiment, indicating "GREED" for price increase predictions and "FEAR" for decrease predictions. More info here.

Will there be any other tools like the Fear & Greed index?

We are planning to develop an Analytical page. It will consist of different metrics, correlations, and indexes. All these tools can be checked and used in the historical timeframe.

What data can the unregistered User utilize on the Oriole Insights website?

Unregistered users can view predictions and insights but cannot participate in voting or other interactive features. User types and roles.

Will ORI coins given to Ambassadors and participants will be given out during Mainnet?

There is no publicly available information about tokenomics. ORI in Closed Beta and Public Beta is an internal gaming currency.

How does Oriole Insights plan to expand or update its features?

Oriole Insights is committed to continuous improvement and expansion. For a detailed overview of our roadmap and upcoming features, please refer to our Roadmap.

How often are new projects added to Oriole Insights?

Oriole Insights is actively monitoring the market to identify and include new, noteworthy crypto projects on our platform. We value community input, and through the Oriole Insights DAO, users can propose projects they believe should be added to the platform.

Are there tutorials or guides for new Users to make Predictions?

We have comprehensive tutorials and guides for new users to understand the process of making predictions on Oriole Insights. You can find detailed information on our Documentation page. Additionally, we recommend watching an informative platform overview created by one of our Ambassadors for a visual walkthrough. Feel free to check it out here.

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