Vote Status

There are several statuses that represent different stages of vote progress.

Pending Status

This is the initial status for the vote. This refers to the votes which have been placed before 00:00 AM UTC of the following day. These votes can be canceled for free. (In case they have a 7+ days estimation period).

For example, you've placed a 30-day vote at 12:00 AM UTC on Nov 1. The vote will be "Pending" until 00:00 AM UTC Nov 2, then it will be frozen until 00:30 UTC and, after that, become "Active". If you decide that the vote you've placed is wrong, you can cancel it while it is in "Pending" status.

Active Status

This is the primary status for the votes in progress. The vote becomes "Active" at 00:30 UTC on the following day after the placement. If everything is alright, it will last until the end of the estimation date, when it will be changed to "Finished." However, you will still be able to cancel your vote, but this will require a 50% fee. This way, the status will be changed to "Canceled."

Finished Status

This refers to the vote that was placed and lasted until the end of the estimation period. If the vote was canceled before the end of the estimation date, the vote gets "Canceled" status.

For example, if you placed a 7-day vote on Nov 1, it will get "Finished" status automatically on Nov 8, if you won't interfere.

Canceled Status

This refers to the vote canceled before the estimation period's end.


This special status refers to the votes which were placed with limit-order perks. This perk activates the vote once the asset reaches your entered price. Until the price is reached, the vote will have the "postponed" status. The UP Vote should be placed on a LOWER limit order than the current price, and down vice versa.

For example, you make a limit-order vote on ETH when its price is $2,056, and you want to start the vote when the price is $2,100. The vote is placed, it undergoes "Pending" status, and then it transfers to "Postponed" status until the $2,100 is reached. Once the price is reached, the vote transfers to "Active" status.

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