Market Cycles (Stages)

The prediction process within the ROI Prediction Markets passes through several stages:

  • "Upcoming" Stage: Projects are visible to users, who can view key dates for voting, listing, result validation, and event conclusion but still need to vote.

  • "Voting" Stage: Users can cast their predictions during this stage.

  • "In Progress (Listing)" Stage: Voting is closed, and the project is listed on exchanges; participants await outcome validation.

  • "Validation" Stage: The Oriole Insights propose one or several correct results. The validators must Agree or Disagree with the proposed variants. Voting remains closed during this stage.

  • "Finished" Stage: The validation is complete; the rewards are calculated and distributed for correct predictions.

Prediction Cancellation Option for ROI Prediction Markets

Users can cancel their predictions during the "Voting" Stage in the ROI Prediction Markets. This option comes with a requirement to pay a cancellation fee, which is typically set at 50% of the original vote cost. This fee structure is implemented as a safeguard to maintain the voting process's integrity and discourage impulsive or non-committal voting behaviors.

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