User Types and Their Role in Oriole Insights

Oriole Insights provides a platform for prediction and aims to cater to a diverse range of users. By classifying users based on their interactions, contributions, and verifications, the platform ensures a tiered engagement and rewards ranking.

  1. Visitor: These are the users who do not participate in voting. They can use the platform to gain insights from others’ predictions. - Access: View-only mode. Encouraged to register upon any intent to interact.

  2. Registered User: Upon successful email verification, these users unlock the true potential of Oriole Insights. - Access: These users are allowed to place votes. They can enhance their capabilities by reaching new levels.

  3. Verified User: A particular tier for those who authenticated their identity via a KYC process. This is crucial, especially for public figures and notable personalities, as it distinguishes genuine accounts from potential impersonators. - Access: Same as Registered Users, but with no risk of impersonation.

Beyond these fundamental classifications, Oriole Insights acknowledges and rewards its users' prowess, expertise, and commitment through specialized User Types. Note that there can be more than one badge for each user. These categories provide both recognition and tangible rewards:

  1. Early Adopter: Recognizes users who have been part of the platform during its early stages. - Reward: +300 ORI - Reputation Threshold: 3

  2. OG: For those who have shown their dedication and prowess over time. - Reward: +400 ORI - Reputation Threshold: 5

  3. Trader | Analyst | Investor: Experts who bring knowledge from different parts of the financial world. - Reward: +500 ORI - Reputation Threshold: 7

  4. Fund | Media | KOL (Key Opinion Leader): The group encompassing influential individuals, substantial investment entities, or wide-reaching media personas. - Reward: +1,000 ORI - Reputation Threshold: 12

The diversified User Types on Oriole Insights create a dynamic environment where beginners can learn from experts, experts are acknowledged and rewarded, and the community thrives on collective intelligence and achievements.

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