Reputation, Ratings & Badges

How does the reputation system work, and how does it impact Users?

Reputation and the Reputation System are fundamental competitive mechanics of Oriole Insights.

The idea is to create a comprehensive mechanism to stimulate the correct predictions and reward the best predictors with Reputation. Reputation will directly affect the reward amount from the accurate predictions.

Also, a high Reputation score provides more benefits like the opportunity to level up to open Perks (booster, hedger, limit-order); providing access to more prediction markets like ROI Prediction Markets and Polls Prediction Markets; moves you up in the Leaderboard.

The Reputation System allows creating a space where the best predictors are awarded and receive significant benefits.

What triggers the issuance of new badges, and when are they available?

By classifying users based on their interactions, contributions, and verifications, the platform ensures a tiered engagement and rewards ranking. Beyond these fundamental classifications, Oriole Insights acknowledges and rewards its users' prowess, expertise, and commitment through specialized User Types. Note that there can be more than one badge for each user.

Examples of user badges: Verified, Early Adopter, OG, Trader, Analytic, Investor, Fund, Media, KOL.

There are no public plans to add more badges. More details here.

Will Oriole Insights feature final ratings of Top Users on a weekly or monthly basis?

Yes, the Oriole Insights Team will highlight top users regularly via our social media channels and community chats.

What criteria determine a User's position on the leaderboard?

By default, the leaderboard is sorted by the Reputation Score, a general measure of a predictor's success. Additionally, the leaderboard can be filtered by Level & the number of predictions made, allowing users to achieve top rankings based on these parameters. This structure ensures a comprehensive view of user achievements and contributions on the platform. For more detailed information, please visit Leaderboards Enhanced View.

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