How to gain perks? How do these perks work?

The perks become available once the user reaches a certain level. Currently, there are three perks - booster, hedger, and limit-order. Booster increases your profit/loss from a single prediction. Hedger minimizes losses if your prediction is incorrect. Limit-order allows you to activate your prediction once a specified price level is reached. Using perks costs ORI; for example, x2 booster costs 3 ORI. See more here

How does the booster perk enhance predictions?

The Booster perk enables users to increase the amount of ORI they can wager on a prediction in the UP/DOWN prediction market. For instance, with an x2 Booster, you can double the ORI amount placed on your prediction, enhancing both potential rewards and risks. Utilizing this perk incurs an additional cost. To better understand how the Booster and other perks work, visit Perks Overview.

Activation timing for the hedger perk: daily losses or post-vote?

The "hedger" perk activates after each day of loss, not after the vote is finished. This feature helps mitigate losses from incorrect predictions daily. For instance, if you made a prediction spanning 10 days, and 4 of those days resulted in incorrect predictions, the hedger perk would be applied to those 4 days to reduce losses. To understand more about how the hedger perk works alongside other perks, refer to the Perks Overview.

How much ORI will you get if you win a 7-Day vote with a 2x booster?

This question has no clear answer because we don't know how much ORI will be in the reward pool from wrong predictions. The rewards (from the reward pool generated from wrong predictions) will be distributed based on the User's Reputation and the amount of ORI he pooled into the prediction. For more details, refer to our Outcome Determination & Rewards Distribution.

How can I open a prediction when the asset reaches my desired price?

You can use a Limit Order to strategically activate your prediction when the asset price aligns with your predetermined level. This tool ensures that your bets are placed based on specific market conditions. For more details, check out our documentation on Limit Orders.

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