Perks: Overview

Perks are powerful tools designed to elevate your experience in UP/DOWN prediction markets. Tuniqueecial features become accessible as you level up, serving as additional benefits that amplify your gains or mitigate your losses. As the user proceeds through different levels on the Oriole Insights platform, one unlocks these perks, adding a new dimension of strategy to your predictions.

Currently, we offer three core perks, with intentions to introduce more in the future:

  1. Booster

Activate this perk to significantly increase your stake in a UP/DOWN prediction, subsequently amplifying your share in the pool and the potential for profit and risk.

Example: If you predict a 10-day uptick in Bitcoin's price, the regular cost would be 10 Days x 2 ORI/Day, totaling 20 ORI. Employing a Booster with an x2 multiplier boosts your stake to 40 ORI. The Booster's activation cost is an additional 3 ORI, making your total outlay 43 ORI.

  1. Hedger

This safeguard reduces the sting of a lost bet. Utilizing a "Hedger 50%" means that a losing prediction only deducts 50% of the initially staked ORI daily from your account, with the remainder returned.

  1. Limit-Order

A strategic tool, the Limit-Order activates your prediction only when the asset price aligns with a predetermined level you have set. This allows you to place bets based on specific market conditions. The UP Vote should be placed on a LOWER limit order than the current price and down vice versa. Your entry price for UP prediction can't be lower than your limit order, so the inner logic works. Note: The cost of an activated Perk is non-refundable should you cancel your active prediction. Standard cancellation fees apply.

By incorporating perks like these, Oriole Insights makes prediction markets more engaging and offers avenues to optimize your strategy for greater returns and lower risks. As our platform evolves, one can expect new perks to be added, offering our community even more ways to engage and succeed.

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