Rewards & Seed Pool Distribution

Regarding reward distribution, the ORI that users wager on incorrect predictions are pooled and then reallocated to those who made correct predictions. In essence, the ORI lost from incorrect bets fund the rewards for the winning predictions.

In the ROI Prediction Market on Oriole Insights, rewards are allocated based on stake and reputation. A user's ORI contribution to a particular prediction influences 75% of their reward, incentivizing more substantial stakes for potentially higher returns. During reward calculation, the user's reputation score contributes the remaining 25%, rewarding expertise and platform engagement. This system encourages users who consistently demonstrate credible forecasting abilities.

In the example where you bet on 3 outcomes with 100 ORI each and 2 predictions win, the ORI from your losing bet (100 ORI) is added to a collective reward pool. This pool comprises all the ORI from incorrect predictions across users. Then, this pool is divided among users who made correct predictions proportionally to their successful bets and based on their reputation score. So if you bet 200 ORI on wins and the total losing pool is 10,000 ORI, you get a portion of that based on the ratio of your bet to the total and your reputation score.

Seed Pool

Oriole Insights will provide a Seed Pool. The Seed Pool is an additional ORI reserve that Oriole Insights may contribute to reward those who make successful predictions in the ROI Prediction Market. This extra allocation is meant to be distributed among winners, further motivating user engagement and accurate forecasting.

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