Leaderboards: Enhanced View

The Oriole Insights platform features a dedicated leaderboard page that goes beyond simply ranking users by reputation. This dynamic interface serves as both an analytic tool and a social engagement feature, serving the diverse needs of our user base.

Main Components:

  • Reputation-Based Default View: While the default leaderboard ranks users according to their Reputation scores, we have incorporated additional options for sorting through various metrics.

  • Flexible Sorting Options: Users can sort the leaderboard not just by Reputation but also by Level, Total Predictions Made, Accuracy, and Total ORI Pooled. This feature allows for a more nuanced view of community engagement and success.

  • User-Type Filters: The user can filter the leaderboard based on specific user categories such as Early Adopter, OG, Trader, and others. This specialized sorting provides a glimpse into who leads in each distinct user group, adding an extra layer to the competitive spirit of the platform.

  • Tangible Incentives: The leaderboard is not just for show. Ascending through the ranks has concrete benefits, such as earning additional ORI and exclusive access to new features or prediction markets.

  • Accountability and Transparency: The public leaderboard fosters a transparent community, ensuring everyone knows where they stand and inspiring them to aim higher.

By offering these in-depth and flexible leaderboard features, Oriole Insight’s goal is to drive competition and increase user engagement.

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