Reputation System

In the world of predictions, credibility and consistency are paramount. Oriole Insights has introduced a comprehensive Reputation System to emphasize these values, fostering an environment of trust, expertise, and accountability.

Reputation Score Every user starts with a default reputation score of 2 when they join Oriole Insights. This is the base and minimum reputation a registered user can have.

Special User Types Bonus Users who belong to special categories like Early Adopter, OG, Trader, Analytic, Investor, Fund, Media, and KOL are awarded a higher reputation threshold. This score becomes the minimum reputation such users can maintain; it cannot drop below this number.

Importance for Public Figures Verified users, particularly public figures, have a higher stake in maintaining their reputation. Verification helps distinguish genuine profiles from potential scammers, making the platform safer and more credible.

Reputation Gain and Loss - UP/DOWN Prediction Markets: For each day of successful voting in UP/DOWN markets, the user receives +0.025 to their Reputation. Conversely, for each unsuccessful day, the user loses 0.025 reputation. - Binary and ROI Performance Prediction Markets: The reputation system may vary for these specialized markets. Each voting pool could have a different amount of reputation to be gained or lost.

Effect on Rewards - Your voting score plays a critical role in determining the rewards you receive. Specifically, the rewards distribution depends 25% on the user's current reputation score, with the remaining 75% depending on the ORI pooled per day by the successful predictors.

Incentive for Good Conduct & Transparency - The reputation system is a deterrent against manipulation or foul play. A low reputation will reduce your share in the reward pool. All reputation scores are publicly displayed, adding an extra layer of transparency and accountability.

Community Trust - A high reputation score can elevate users to an 'expert' status within the Oriole Insights community, giving them more followers and influencing power. This encourages users to maintain high standards when placing votes.

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