Ambassadorship and Community Leadership

How do you become an Ambassador/Augur/Wizard?

To join as an Oriole Insights Ambassador (Augur or Wizard), it's essential to actively create and share unique content about Oriole Insights. This content should be regularly posted in the #user-content channel on Discord, accessible here. Additionally, an application form must be completed to allow us to review your contributions and potentially contact you for further steps.

For a comprehensive understanding of the expectations and benefits of the current Ambassador Program, please refer to the detailed guide for Season 1. Information regarding Season 2 will be provided when available, ensuring that all potential and current ambassadors are well-informed of any updates or changes to the program.

Can I establish a local Oriole Insights community group on telegram as an Ambassador?

It's possible to create a Local community group. It can be community-led but won't be an OFFICIAL Local community group.

If we establish local community groups - we will do it independently. We will also announce OFFICIAL local community groups via our official media channels.

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