Levels and Leveling-Up Mechanism

The Leveling-Up Mechanism is an essential part of the gamification strategy at Oriole Insights. Unlike Reputation, which solely reflects the accuracy and quality of a user's predictions, the Level system considers a broader range of user engagement metrics. Here's how it works:

Level Significance

The level is a comprehensive measure of a user's interaction and contribution to the Oriole Insights platform. Advancing to higher levels unlocks additional features and benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Access to special perks like Booster, Hedger, and Limit Order.

  • Increased rewards as part of the Motivation Program.

  • The ability to participate in more complex prediction markets like "ROI predictions" and other binary & categorical predictions planned for future release.

Anti-Abuse Measures

The Level system also serves as an anti-abuse measure. To prevent prediction spamming and manipulation, users at lower levels are restricted from accessing advanced prediction features and are limited by the number of daily predictions they can make.

Criteria for Leveling-Up

To move up in Level, a user needs to satisfy multiple criteria. These criteria vary with each level and may include:

  • Account age: Older accounts may be more trusted and can level up faster.

  • Reputation Score: Your reputation does play a part in your overall Level.

  • Number of Predictions Made: More activity can lead to a higher Level.

  • Accuracy Score: Consistently accurate predictions can contribute to Level growth.

  • NFT Ownership: Owning certain NFTs could provide a Level boost.

  • Number of Followers: Your influence on the platform, as reflected by your followers, can contribute to your Level.

  • Expenditure of ORI: Users must spend a certain amount of ORI tokens to level up, serving as an additional engagement metric.

The Level system is designed as a standing indicator and a comprehensive reflection of a user's activity, reliability, and contribution to the Oriole Insights community. Through this mechanism, we aim to encourage healthy participation, reward meaningful interactions, and ensure a balanced and fair predictive marketplace.

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