User Engagement with ROI Prediction Market

Users can engage with the ROI Prediction Market by predicting how many times they believe the price of a token will increase after it becomes publicly tradable. For instance, if the public sale price of a token is set at $1, and a user predicts it will double in value, they would place a bet on a '2x' increase. This feature gauges the community's sentiment and collective expectations of a token's initial market performance.

A correct prediction would result in a reputational reward, encouraging informed betting and active participation in the market. Conversely, incorrect predictions serve as a learning curve, slightly diminishing one's reputation and offering insight into market trends and prediction strategies.

Eligibility and requirements for participation in ROI & Initial Listing Prediction Markets

In the ROI Prediction Market of Oriole Insights, access to participate in specific projects is contingent on meeting certain eligibility requirements. Each user must attain a particular Level within the platform, which ensures that participants have a foundational understanding and experience with the system's mechanics. Additionally, specific Badges may be required, which can serve as credentials symbolizing a user's expertise or previous achievements.

These restrictions are project-dependent and are set to ensure that those engaging with the prediction are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to the collective forecasting effort. Restrictions also prevent market manipulations and misleading the community by spamming predictions from just-registered users.

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