User Incentive Program: Activity-Based Rewards and Progression

Oriole Insights offers a multi-tiered User Incentive Program to reward user engagement, promote quality interactions, and elevate platform visibility. This program allows users to earn supplemental ORI by participating in a diverse array of activities, categorized as follows:

  1. Initial Engagement Activities:

  • Profile Setup: Complete your profile with a picture, a bio, and essential details.

  • Social Media Confirmation: Authenticate your ownership of accounts on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and Gmail.

  • Wallet Integration: Connect your ERC20-compatible MetaMask wallet.

  • Inaugural Prediction: Place your first-ever prediction on the platform.

  1. Recurring Activities:

  • Prediction Sharing: Publicize your prediction or its outcomes through social media platforms.

  • Diverse Predictions: Engage in various predictions, including short-term, mid-term, and long-term durations.

  1. Milestone Challenges:

  • Precision Goals: Strive for incrementally better prediction accuracy, starting at a 55% accuracy rate and progressing in 5% steps toward a 100% accuracy rate.

  • Profit Targets: Aim for steadily increasing profits, starting with 50 ORI and progressing to a profit of 500 ORI.

  1. Special Scenario Tasks:

  • Spotlight Predictions: Occasionally, Oriole Insights will feature specific projects for predictions. Engagement in these spotlight predictions will earn you special rewards.

  1. Invite-and-Earn: You can amplify your ORI balance through tasks and predictions and by introducing new users to the Oriole Insights ecosystem. The bonus from these invitations becomes accessible for you to claim once the referred individual ascends to a specified user level on the platform.

Task Accessibility: The availability of specific tasks is governed by a user's level. As you advance through the levels, more complex and rewarding tasks are unlocked, tying into the platform's leveling system.

Program Expansion: As Oriole Insights grows and adds new features and prediction markets, users can expect the tasks list to expand as well. This will offer more avenues to engage with the platform and earn additional ORI.

Program Impact: Designed to foster an engaging and interactive community, the User Incentive Program provides a tangible way for users to accumulate additional ORI. This is particularly advantageous for new users, allowing them to get started with free ORI, thereby reducing the entry barrier.

In essence, Oriole Insights' User Incentive Program is more than a set of rewards; it is a strategic engagement framework that enriches user experience while expanding the platform's reach and awareness.

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