Oriole Fear and Greed Index

Oriole Insights strives to create instruments that qualitatively catch changes in sentiment. With this in mind, we decided to redo the well-known Fear and Greed Index. We will fuel this index with our data and add another layer to understanding. It shouldn't be a replacement for an already existing one, but rather another variation. The idea is to count the votes of participants and visualize them in a simple way. The Index will count the number of votes that predict a price increase as a representation of the "GREED" power, while the number of votes that predict a price decrease will be represented by "FEAR". It is an aggregated discrete number representing the sum of all votes on all of the projects. Yet, there is also a problem with such a straightforward approach - it doesn't provide adequate updates on the situation. The index should always be up-to-date. Thus, we should highlight the recency of the votes. To capture this, each vote will be calculated with adjustment to the date of placement. This way, rapid spikes in sentiment will be adequately displayed on the index. Oriole Insights values experience, so we will assess the system after the Closed Beta and might change the formula to increase the quality of the data. It may include other adjustments to the power of each individual vote, based on the user's reputation, activity, status, etc. All of these changes will be included after thorough research to guarantee the most accurate representation of the sentiment.

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